Apple-Exclusive “HBO Now” Debuts at $14.99/Month; Apple TV Price Cut to $69

Apple-Exclusive “HBO Now” Debuts at $14.99/Month; Apple TV Price Cut to $69

Android gets snubbed by HBO execs, but it sounds like there is PC access for the new streaming service

Apple Reaffirms Late June iPhone Ship Date

Apple's $499/$599 iPhone still on track for late June

Apple Ranks Highest in J.D. Power Smartphone Survey, Nokia Last

Smartphone users are generally more satisfied than traditional mobile users

Apple Bumps Storage Capacity on iPhone, iPod touch

Apple bumps the iPhone and iPod touch to 16GB and 32GB respectively

Apple Posts Record Fiscal Q3 Profit of $7.7B, Sells 35.2M iPhones

Apple's numbers fall mostly in line with its own forecasts, analyst numbers

Apple Looking to Expand Cupertino Staff by Nearly 50 Percent Over Next 3 Years

The hiring is in anticipation of the new Cupertino headquarters

Global Tech News – Apple now offers warranty on unlocked iPhones

The Cupertino giant has announced that it will be giving worldwide warranty on its unlocked iPhones.

Apple Rejects DOJ’s eBook Settlement Proposal, Calls it “Draconian”

Apple wants to self-police and a shorter period of compliance, with no promises about future behavior

Apple Claims it “Warned” Samsung Pre-Lawsuit About Android Infringements

Company appears a bit confused, CEO Jobs preached "thermonuclear" war with Android

Apple News Sites Awash With iPhone nano Rumors

Could America's best-selling phone get a little brother?

Apple Kills “Get a Mac”; Pitches “Why You’ll Love a Mac”

Apple claims to have better software, hardware, OS, support, and compatibility in new commercials

Apple Launches its Much Anticipated iPhone

Steve Jobs says Apple's changing the world again

Apple is Now Producing 2.3M+ iPads Monthly

Despite iPhone issues, life is good for Apple, thanks to the best-selling iPad

Global Tech News – Apples Tries to Use Decade-Old Patents to Ban Samsung Galaxy S IV

Unable to compete, the Cupertino company claims that Google and Samsung stole features from Siri

Facebook is experimenting with a new meme creation app called Whale

Facebook has launched a meme creation app called Whale, which is free to download and free to use. The app…

Apple Moves One Million Units of Its “Magical” iPad

Steve Jobs' "magical" device continues to sell well

Apple Succeeds in Killing Samsung’s Australian Tablet Sales With Lawsuit

Company will repay Samsung for lost revenue if it loses the case

Apple’s Market Cap Surpasses $300B

Apple's market cap hits psychological milestone

Apple Watch 2 – Coming September 7th

Apple’s big event in San Francisco is now only 4 days away which brings us closer to the revealing of…

Apple Vows to Succeed Where Botched Online Movie Services Failed

Apple to announce movie rental download program weeks after Wal-Mart cancels similar service for lack of consumer interest

Apple Agrees to Stop Crippling Third Party Browsers, Firefox to Finally Hit the iPhone

Mozilla waited until Apple was willing to let it truly compete with the iPhone's native Safari browser

Apple to Launch Major Upgrade to Help Boost Sales Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch

Source says Apple expects big traffic from the upgrade promotion

Apple Launches New iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, Ringtones For iPhone

Apple launches iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store; Microsoft execs shout "DOH!"

Apple Moves to Ban More Samsung Devices in U.S.; Samsung “Mimicry” Questioned in South Korea

South Korean analyst: Samsung "may lack in innovation, but right now, no one can beat Samsung in playing catch-up"

Apple Readies New MacBook Air Batteries

A firmware update gives some clues about new Apple hardware

Android-based Smartphones Outpaced Apple’s iPhone in Q1 2010

Apple has a wakeup call as Android-based smartphones grab market share in Q1

Apple’s Case Against Motorola/Google Dismissed “With Prejudice”

Frustrated judge takes issue with parties inability to agree, unwillingness to license

Apple Launches the Mac Pro

Apple's flagship desktop uses a pair of Intel Xeon DP processors

Apple iPhone Tops in Smartphone Satisfaction

J.D. Power and Associates release latest studies on cell phone market

Apple’s iPhone 4 Comes to Verizon Wireless With 5-device “Personal Hotspot”

After three and a half years of AT&T exclusivity, Verizon now has access to the iPhone 4

Apple Admits it Botched iPad, iPhone “Location” Code, Says Fix is Coming

The distortion field is failing Capt'n! She can't take much more of it!

Apple Builds Not-So-Secret Secret 3-Story Tower for iPhone 6/iWatch Unveil

New tower may house smart home prototypes and other demo areas to show off iPhone 6 and iWatch features

Apple iPhone 8 launch date revealed

Now that Samsung is done with its Galaxy Note 8, the next is new iPhone models that Apple expected to…

Apple Captures 14% of U.S. Retail PC Market in February

Notebook sales lead the charge in a great month for Apple

Apple Stuck with External Ebooks Monitor, Preparing Formal Appeal

Apple's attempt at escaping the consequences has failed

Apple to Launch Mac App Store on January 6

Apple's latest "App Store" will launch in early January

Apple to Begin Shipping New MacBook Pro

Along with publicly announcing the company would begin selling the new MacBook Pro - Apple also announced a speed increase…

Global Tech News – Apple Music: The Money, The Launch Hiccups, and the Nitty Gritty Details

Late to the game and with relatively low track quality, Apple must rely on its tight integration, family pricing to…