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AMD Dual-Core Optimization Utility Available

AMD Dual-Core Optimization Utility Available

Improving dual-core compatibility for gaming

5.7″ ZTE ZMAX “Phablet” Coming to T-Mobile Sept 24 for $252

ZMAX will come with a Snapdragon 400 processor and 720p display

100 Northern California Households to Receive Plug-in Priuses

UC Davis dares to go where Toyota won't with the Prius

Apple on Microsoft Ads: PCs Are “No Bargain”, Macs Are “Cool”

An Apple spokesperson fires back over Microsoft's latest commercials

Update: 13.3″ Dell XPS m1330 Notebook Details Leaked

Engadget gets the scoop on Dell's latest "ultra-portable" notebook

Apple Gets Its Panties in a Bunch Over Nude Photos on 500px App

Both the 500px and ISO500 apps (both made by 500px) have been removed from the App Store

160GB Archos 504 PMP Released

Archos unveils the World's largest hard drive-based portable media player

Apple’s New iBooks 2, iBooks Author Apps Hit 440,000 Downloads Combined in First 3 Days

About 350,000 textbooks were downloaded from the iBooks 2 store while iBooks Author had 90,000 downloads

Global Tech News – AMD Sees Steady Growth in All Computing Segments

AMD gives us a progress report on its processor business

AMD Acquires Cloud Server Maker SeaMicro for $334M USD

AMD's heavily threaded Bulldozer, APUs, GCN are good fits for Seamicro's compact cloud computing servers

Amazon’s Third-Party Sellers Hacked

Hackers have stolen logins and made away with thousand of dollars from merchants in the Amazon Marketplace.

Apple Takes $84 Million Charge for Stock Options Backdating Scandal

Steve Jobs was aware of backdating scandal, but cleared of wrongdoing

Analysis: iPhone 6S May Use 6013 Aluminum Alloy Instead of 7000 Series Alloys

An analyst note suggest Apple is making key tweaks to ninth gen. model to prevent another "Bendgate"

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the (Climate) Forum

2008 sees a sea change in the face of the global warming debate.

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Apple Briefly Surpasses Exxon As Most Valuable Company in the U.S.

Apple's market value beat Exxon's for a short period of time this afternoon

Apple-Exclusive “HBO Now” Debuts at $14.99/Month; Apple TV Price Cut to $69

Android gets snubbed by HBO execs, but it sounds like there is PC access for the new streaming service

Amazon Bucks Industry Trend With Big Profit

The holiday season treated very well

Apple Reaffirms Late June iPhone Ship Date

Apple's $499/$599 iPhone still on track for late June

Android Customers to Get Japan’s Cell Phone Credit Card Tech

Forget your wallet? No problem if you have your phone and license...

2006 Intel Desktop Motherboard Roadmap

A motherboard for everyone based on every chipset

Apple Plans In-Store Workshops to Teach Users How to Use Its Smartwatch

The Apple Watch apparently isn't intuitive enough for some customers to feel comfortable self-learning

AMD Soft Launches Its First ARM Server Chips

The new SoCs pack 4 to 8 A57 cores, powerful coprocessors

Amazon to Let You Auto-Return Gifts From Your Grandmother

New patent allows you to set gifts from certain individuals to auto-return or auto-screen

$330,000 Lab-Grown Burger Funded by Google’s Sergey Brin

World's first artificially grown burger will be eaten this week; method could one day cut methane emissions

AMD Could Launch New Chip Fab in New York State

Plans are already in place with local government officials but AMD did not confirm it was proceeding

Al Gore Announced Corecipient of Nobel Peace Prize

Al Gore and the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on climate change just won the Nobel

Apple Sells One Million iPhone 3Gs in Three Days, Records 10 Million App Downloads

Despite network trouble, Apple still sells 1 million iPhone 3G phones over the weekend

2010 Toyota Prius Officially Unveiled

Toyota shows off the third generation Prius

Apple Fixes Flash Security Flaw, Bugs With OS X 10.6.1 Update

Apple has released an important update for Mac users

XBOX 360 Retailer Margins Revealed

XBOX 360 has slimmer margins, but greater net profit than Wii

A Supercomputer on Your Wrist: Inforgraphic Series Shows Moore’s Law in Action

Theoretical computing performance has increased a trillion fold over the past 60 years

Apple, AT&T Sued Over iPhone Battery Concerns, Again

iPhone battery target of yet another class action lawsuit

Anti-Piracy Ad Creators Fined For Stealing Musician’s Work

Music attorney ordered to pay damages, legal costs, and fine

Apple Kills Think Secret, Beloved Apple News Leak Site

Apple shuts down one of its greatest supporters in the online news industry for saying too much