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Android Customers to Get Japan’s Cell Phone Credit Card Tech

Forget your wallet? No problem if you have your phone and license...

AMD Could Launch New Chip Fab in New York State

Plans are already in place with local government officials but AMD did not confirm it was proceeding

Apple Bumps Storage Capacity on iPhone, iPod touch

Apple bumps the iPhone and iPod touch to 16GB and 32GB respectively

Apple sued because of iPhone 6 Touch Disease

If you own an Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, your phone may have or may be contracting touch…

40GB PlayStation 3 Officially Announced by SCEE

The 40GB will be the cheapest PS3 yet, but no PS2 backwards compatibility will be the price to pay

Android’s TV Experiment Languishes, Logitech Only Sells ~15K Units in Q1

People apparently aren't quite ready for the wonders of Android television

6/19/2008 Daily Hardware Reviews — Radeon HD 4850 Edition

Global Tech News's roundup of hardware reviews from around the web for Thursday

Apple’s Chinese Suppliers in Trouble for Environmental Pollution

They’ve been accused of dumping too many chemicals into the nearby rivers

3/27/2008 Daily Hardware Reviews — AMD Phenom X4 9850 Edition

Global Tech News's roundup of hardware reviews from around the web for Thursday

Apple’s New iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 10 or X are finally here.

Apple’s most anticipated smartphones were announced yesterday with a whole set of new features that are sure to please.

Apple Kills “Get a Mac”; Pitches “Why You’ll Love a Mac”

Apple claims to have better software, hardware, OS, support, and compatibility in new commercials

Apple’s Jobs Says Flash Crashes Macs; No Flash for iPad, iPhone Planned

Jobs adds that Apple got people to ditch floppy disks and CD, will get people to ditch Flash

After Record-Setting Week, Samsung Predicts 70 Million GS6/GS6 Edge Sales

Samsung racked up 20 million sales (15 million GS6 / 5 million GS6 Edge) in preorders alone; production has been…

Apple’s iPhone Executes SMS Binary Code as Root, Fix Won’t Come Until End of Month

IPhone SMS vulnerability could allow malicious users to install and execute malware

Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” Previewed, Sweet New Tablet Exposed

Google continues to aggressively improve its popular mobile operating system

Apple Plans September iPhone 5 Launch, New iPad, and “Third World” Budget iPhone

Company struggles to stay competitive in the face of the Android army's onslaught

AMD “Puma” Mobile Platform Details Unveiled

AMD prepares to take on Centrino with more power saving features

Apple Delays 27-Inch iMac Shipments

Delay puts a damper on the best-selling desktop

Global Tech News – AMD “RV610” and “RV630” Details Unveiled

AMD packs next-generation AVIVO high-definition video decoding features into its value and mainstream lineup

AMD: The Lies About Power Consumption Start Here

AMD's power consumption figures advertised and republished for customers just don't add up

Analyst: Apple is Involved in 60 Percent of Mobile Patent Lawsuits

Phonemaker plays both a bully and a victim amid countless lawsuits

Amazon Launches $9.99/Month Kindle Unlimited eBooks Service

Unlike Prime Instant Video and Prime Music, you'll have to pay extra for this one

AMD to Give Notebooks a Boost With 5000 Series Mobility External GPUs

Finally an external GPU solution may be approaching the U.S. laptop gaming market

Apple Fires Second Suit, Says Galaxy S/Tab Ripped Off iPhone/iPad

Company says Samsung worked "slavishly" to duplicate its designs and infringe upon its IP

Archos Offers $99 WinPhone, $150 x86 Win8.1 Tablet, Android Trio

Prices are among the best available for the hardware onboard

Apple to Launch Major Upgrade to Help Boost Sales Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch

Source says Apple expects big traffic from the upgrade promotion

Apple WWDC 2006 Expectations

Leopard, Mac Pro, Gaming, Hardware, Software, iPod

5/4/2014 Hardware Reviews

Global Tech News's roundup reviews from around the web for Sunday

AMD CEO: Windows 10 Will Launch at “The End of July”

Presumably we now know definitively when the new OS will land

Apple Moves to Ban More Samsung Devices in U.S.; Samsung “Mimicry” Questioned in South Korea

South Korean analyst: Samsung "may lack in innovation, but right now, no one can beat Samsung in playing catch-up"

Apple Employees to Get Free iPhones

Apple to give free 8GB iPhone to all full-time employees

AMD FireStream 9250 Stream Processor Breaks 1 Teraflop

FireStream 9250 delivers eight gigaflops-per-watt performance

“Amazon Dash” Scanner Makes it Easy to Order Groceries via AmazonFresh

Amazon unveils new LED scanner making it easier to order via AmazonFresh

Apple Readies New MacBook Air Batteries

A firmware update gives some clues about new Apple hardware

4/28/2014 Hardware Reviews

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