5.7″ ZTE ZMAX “Phablet” Coming to T-Mobile Sept 24 for $252

ZMAX will come with a Snapdragon 400 processor and 720p display

Apple on Microsoft Ads: PCs Are “No Bargain”, Macs Are “Cool”

An Apple spokesperson fires back over Microsoft's latest commercials

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Android Customers to Get Japan’s Cell Phone Credit Card Tech

Forget your wallet? No problem if you have your phone and license...

AMD Soft Launches Its First ARM Server Chips

The new SoCs pack 4 to 8 A57 cores, powerful coprocessors

$330,000 Lab-Grown Burger Funded by Google’s Sergey Brin

World's first artificially grown burger will be eaten this week; method could one day cut methane emissions

Anti-Piracy Ad Creators Fined For Stealing Musician’s Work

Music attorney ordered to pay damages, legal costs, and fine

3 Special Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combos under $100.00

In most cases, the keyboard and mouse are the most used input devices in your computer system. You use them…

Antitrust Investigators Eye Windows 7

Says Microsoft's compliance efforts are satisfactory

Apple Hopes To Kill Psystar’s $399 Mac

Steve Jobs and Apple are not fans of cheaper Mac clones

Apple Releases iTunes 7.0.1 to Address Numerous Issues

After all the complaints surrounding iTunes 7.0, Apple quitely releases an update

Android’s TV Experiment Languishes, Logitech Only Sells ~15K Units in Q1

People apparently aren't quite ready for the wonders of Android television

Apple Rejects DOJ’s eBook Settlement Proposal, Calls it “Draconian”

Apple wants to self-police and a shorter period of compliance, with no promises about future behavior

Apple’s New iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 10 or X are finally here.

Apple’s most anticipated smartphones were announced yesterday with a whole set of new features that are sure to please.

Apple Launches its Much Anticipated iPhone

Steve Jobs says Apple's changing the world again

Apple, Google Want You to Forget Your Password

Both companies point towards facial recognition as future log-in

Apple’s Jobs Says Flash Crashes Macs; No Flash for iPad, iPhone Planned

Jobs adds that Apple got people to ditch floppy disks and CD, will get people to ditch Flash

ARM Posts 10-Year-High Profits, Shares Soar

ARM's Race: Deal with Microsoft to power next-gen PCs will continue to propel chip designer.

Arrested South Korean Hackers Made Nearly $1M Off 8.7M Accounts

Pair is accused of terrorizing South Korea's second largest carrier Lawyers Kill “Download 4 Free” Browser Add-on

Firefox extension Linked Users to Same Product at The Pirate Bay

America’s Largest Cable Company, Comcast, Sees Internet Subscriptions Pass TV

Cable TV is still an important market, but it's getting slowly overshadowed in the internet age

3 Wireless Network Adapters – Small Size Big Performance

Network connections are very important these days. Every device you have now needs to connect to a network at some…

$330,000 Lab-Grown Burger Funded by Google’s Sergey Brin

World's first artificially grown burger will be eaten this week; method could one day cut methane emissions

Amazon Flexes Its Muscles to Punish Unruly Publisher Hatchette

Amazon insists it's still all about the customer; unruly publisher bucked Amazon's model, tried to charge more

44 Percent of Twitter’s Total Users Have Never Sent Tweet

Only 126 million users have sent any kind of tweet in the past 30 days

Another Judge Rules IP Addresses Can’t be Used to Identify People

Common sense appears to be triumphing in the legal system

Amazon Kindles eBook Reader Market with EVDO Connectivity

Amazon Kindle includes Sprint EVDO service free for wireless book downloads

Android 2.2 Now Available for Nexus One Users

If you've got a Nexus One in your possession, hurry up and download Android 2.2

Amazon Kindle Now Available Globally

Amazon cuts price of Kindle in U.S. to $259

640M Homes to Have Broadband Globally by 2013

Asia-Pacific region will hold 49% of global broadband market

UPDATED: Apple Deposes Microsoft to Become World’s Biggest Tech Company

Apple has gone from rebel outsider to corporate shark in no time at all Defeats National Security Letter

Victory responsible for third-ever known NSL withdrawal

Apple Allows Third Party Browsers on iPhone, Sorta

Apple opens gate to independent software companies to publish browsers with a significant catch

After Catching 1,000+ Pedophiles, CG Child Scores First Conviction

"Sweetie" is helping to ferret out child predators on the internet

Acer Launches $300 Chromebook 13 with 1080p Display, Tegra K1 Processor

1080p display option is only $20 more than the 1366x768 base system

AOL to Continue Cutting Online Businesses

AOL's struggles continue, and the company cuts several online businesses

Apple Sells 2.8 Percent of Mobile Phones, Makes 39 Percent of Profits

Cupertino electronics maker is profiting off its loyal customers open wallets

Apple May “Unintentionally” Kill Unlocked iPhones with Update

Apple warns users that their unlocked iPhones may not work after new software update