Apple’s New iBooks 2, iBooks Author Apps Hit 440,000 Downloads Combined in First 3 Days

Apple’s New iBooks 2, iBooks Author Apps Hit 440,000 Downloads Combined in First 3 Days

About 350,000 textbooks were downloaded from the iBooks 2 store while iBooks Author had 90,000 downloads

Amazon Bucks Industry Trend With Big Profit

The holiday season treated very well

Android Customers to Get Japan’s Cell Phone Credit Card Tech

Forget your wallet? No problem if you have your phone and license...

Apple Bumps Storage Capacity on iPhone, iPod touch

Apple bumps the iPhone and iPod touch to 16GB and 32GB respectively

Apple Posts Record Fiscal Q3 Profit of $7.7B, Sells 35.2M iPhones

Apple's numbers fall mostly in line with its own forecasts, analyst numbers

Antitrust Investigators Eye Windows 7

Says Microsoft's compliance efforts are satisfactory

Android’s TV Experiment Languishes, Logitech Only Sells ~15K Units in Q1

People apparently aren't quite ready for the wonders of Android television

34 Antitrust Suits Against DRAM Manufacturers Inbound

If the major DRAM manufacturers fixed prices from 1998 to 2002, they're about to pay for it

Apple Rejects DOJ’s eBook Settlement Proposal, Calls it “Draconian”

Apple wants to self-police and a shorter period of compliance, with no promises about future behavior

Apple Claims it “Warned” Samsung Pre-Lawsuit About Android Infringements

Company appears a bit confused, CEO Jobs preached "thermonuclear" war with Android

Amazon Echo Show with 7-inch touch screen launched

It is reported that on Tuesday, Amazon on launched its much-rumored smart home speaker called as the Amazon Echo show.

3/27/2008 Daily Hardware Reviews — AMD Phenom X4 9850 Edition

Global Tech News's roundup of hardware reviews from around the web for Thursday

Apple News Sites Awash With iPhone nano Rumors

Could America's best-selling phone get a little brother?

Apple Kills “Get a Mac”; Pitches “Why You’ll Love a Mac”

Apple claims to have better software, hardware, OS, support, and compatibility in new commercials

Apple Launches its Much Anticipated iPhone

Steve Jobs says Apple's changing the world again

ARM Posts 10-Year-High Profits, Shares Soar

ARM's Race: Deal with Microsoft to power next-gen PCs will continue to propel chip designer.

Apple Pats Itself On Back For Record Q2 Performance

It seems a bad move to bet against Apple when it comes to financial outlooks

Analysts: “RIM’s Death Spiral” Hits the “Third Inning”

Trainwreck is expected to continue in coming quarters until company hits a fire sale; stock is at 9 yr. low

Apple Sees Record Profit of $18 Billion, Sells 74.5 Million iPhones in Q1 FY2015

Apple's holiday quarter was one for the record books, in the face of potentially adverse geopolitical conditions

AMD Desktop Roadmap Features Bulldozer Architecture, New Chipsets

AMD hopes to compete on performance as well as price

Analysts Say Microsoft May Ditch “Windows 9” Brand Name

Microsoft is expected to unveil the next version of its consumer operating system -- "Threshold" -- on Tuesday

Apple Moves One Million Units of Its “Magical” iPad

Steve Jobs' "magical" device continues to sell well

44 Percent of Twitter’s Total Users Have Never Sent a Tweet

Only 126 million users have sent any kind of tweet in the past 30 days

Apple Succeeds in Killing Samsung’s Australian Tablet Sales With Lawsuit

Company will repay Samsung for lost revenue if it loses the case

Apple Reports Strong Quarter, But Lower Outlook; Hints at “Exciting” New Products

Apple is being especially talkative and indicating that it has some tricks up its sleeve

Analyst: Apple is Involved in 60 Percent of Mobile Patent Lawsuits

Phonemaker plays both a bully and a victim amid countless lawsuits

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid to Get 38 MPG in the City

Ford unveils "renewed" Fusion complete with new powertrain options

Amazon Kindles eBook Reader Market with EVDO Connectivity

Amazon Kindle includes Sprint EVDO service free for wireless book downloads

Global Tech News – “An Inconvenient Truth” Ruled Unfit for British Schools

High Court ruling says film contains key scientific errors; breaches education law

AMD and IBM Detail 45nm Process Using Immersion Lithography

To make 45nm process manufacturing easier: just add water

Adult Entertainment Website Sues Microsoft over Search Results

With an already full plate, Perfect 10 sets its crosshairs at Redmond

Apple Agrees to Stop Crippling Third Party Browsers, Firefox to Finally Hit the iPhone

Mozilla waited until Apple was willing to let it truly compete with the iPhone's native Safari browser

ARM Announces Next Generation 64-Bit Cortex-A72 CPU Design, Mali-T880 GPU

ARM is targeting the new core for production in 2016 on a 16 nm FinFET PoP process, TSMC is already…

Apple Fires Second Suit, Says Galaxy S/Tab Ripped Off iPhone/iPad

Company says Samsung worked "slavishly" to duplicate its designs and infringe upon its IP

Anti-Evolution Actor Modifies Darwin’s Work With Questionable Intro

On the 150th anniversary of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" there's hot debate between critics and scientists

Apple Launches New iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, Ringtones For iPhone

Apple launches iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store; Microsoft execs shout "DOH!"

“Amazon Dash” Scanner Makes it Easy to Order Groceries via AmazonFresh

Amazon unveils new LED scanner making it easier to order via AmazonFresh