Do you hate to do yard work?

This new product will help people to reduce time spent in the yard removing snow, collecting leaves, or cutting grass. This autonomously does all those in a short time.

There are varieties of electric robots available in the market with different features.


The owners of these robots must get to know the system and attachments. In the beginning, the owner must manually wheel the robot around the yard and any places robot work is not needed. This will train robot to the perimeter of the lawn so that it won’t accidentally cut the neighbor lawn. 


Once this setup is done properly, the robot is trained on where to cut grass, rake leaves and shovel snow. Then it will operate on its own with no supervision.  Prices for this equipment will be around $4000.00 and higher or lower depending on the model.  


To operate an electric robot there is need for two beacons that must be placed in the yard. Kobi includes a camera, and ultrasound sensor that will detect pets and people, and trigger the robot to stop.


As the field of robotics overcomes the market, safety is always a concern where electronic and robotic equipment are used without human supervision. Robots are now fulfilling or playing a great many roles from driving cars, delivery and working as security. The list goes on. Mercedes-Benzes will carry a fleet of delivery robots too.



How good Robot does the job:

On grass cutting, it cut an inch at the time, clippings do not get collected but stay on the yard as a natural fertilizer. Snow shoveling is done very well. When used to collect leaves; it collects them into piles.  Still it is so much better than raking yard for a day.




Roboplow is another heavy-duty robot that will help you with the snow

According to Susan Payne from SuperDroid Robots; “it was a technology transfer project we built a robot for the NY fire department so we decided to put a fun twist on it.” The robot will cost you $8,500 and will prove most useful if the snow livel is between 2-6 inches. 



The robot is a six wheeler and comes with a plough blade, which is 52” in length and works pneumatically. The robot can be controlled via tablet or your desktop PC. It weighs about 181.82 pounds and is capable of running for two hours on two car batteries. However, there is room for more batteries and hence, more work time.



The firm also allows attaching individual parts depend on user’s need.

It will be fun using it, isn’t it?