Global Tech News – AMD ‘s RTG boss to take long leave

Even though he sent a memo to AMD Colleagues that he had to spent quality time with his family.  But the realty was that he wanted out of one office and join another tech company as soon as he could.



That is what took place. It is reported that officially from Intel on Wednesday evening.


Intel has published a biography of Raja Koduri, detailing his new position(s) at its facilities. His new position is described as senior vice president of the Core and Visual Computing Group, general manager of edge computing solutions and chief architect at Intel Corporation.  There should be a shorter version of this, we will find out. 


The Intel newsroom blog noted that,” Koduri leads the expansion of Intel’s leading position in integrated graphics for the PC market with discrete graphics solutions for a broad range of computing segments.”


“He also leads differentiated IP across computing, graphics, media, emerging opportunities like edge computing.”


The blog post about the hiring shows that Intel has “ exciting plans to aggressively expand our computing and graphics capabilities”.  The hiring and focusing of Intel’s efforts in such a way will likely pay better dividends than its currents scattergun approach. 


It is clear that Koduri has had a lot of time working with Intel staff over recent months to the newly announced Intel Core processors with AMD Radeon graphics. Intel new visual computing chief architect will officially start in his new role in December.