Google Pixel 2 smartphones – What is wrong with them?

It is reported that these two device have hardware and software issues.
Here are some the problems:

Screen Burn:
First and most noticeable issue foudn on the Pixel 2 XL. It was spotted by Android Authority, the smartphone nearly showed burns on half the screen. Google has confirmed that and is investigating the matter.
Unusual Screen Color Tint:
Before the screen burn issue, the smartphone was in the news for its unusual screen tint and color change when seen from different angles. Google or LG officially did not talk about it. But many took that with social media stating it as lack of manufacturing control on OLED screen by LG.
 Inaccurate Colors:
According to Forbes, the smartphones shows washed out app icons and flat textures on Pixel 2XL, which adds more negatives report on the device
Unexpected Clicking Sounds:
Other problems also exist on the parts too. Some of the users have recently started experiencing whining and clicking sounds. One user took this on Google Product Forum, where the company said it is investigating the issue.  It has been mentioned that rebooting the smartphone, turning it on Safe Mode and other options too did not work.
Not So Durable
Both smartphones have also failed the durability tests one by JerryRigEverthing. Unlike other flagships such as Galaxy Note 8, the pixels did not recover leaving a permanent mark on the screen. Google say it is investigating a couple the problems but it is not clear that which problem will be corrected, if at all.